(Suggested 📚) Design of Everyday Things

Review of “Design of Everyday Things” by Donald A. Norman.

April 2, 2023

Load Balancing TLS Connections: Tradeoffs

Tradeoffs and considerations when load balancing TLS connections

February 18, 2023

(Creativity ✏) Certificate of Good Standing

In near-future cyberpunk Los Angeles, a young man tries to open a bakery

January 14, 2023

The Golden Age of CVEs

Why are there so many CVEs?

November 27, 2022

Context Matters

Context matters, but can be lost with time

November 6, 2022

Second Preimage Attack against Merkle Trees

How second preimage attacks work against Merkle trees

October 8, 2022

(Suggested 📚) The Cuckoo's Egg

Review of “The Cuckoo’s Egg” by Clifford Stoll

September 16, 2022

(Predictions 🔮) Web3 will arrive without blockchain

How to have decentralized connectivity without the pain of blockchain

September 8, 2022

(Suggested 📚) Help - I Have a Manager!

Review of “Help - I Have a Manager” by Julia Evans.

August 28, 2022

(Suggested 📚) Presentation Patterns

Review of “Presentation Patterns” by Neal Ford, Matthew McCullough, and Nate Schutta.

August 28, 2022